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Although 38-year-old running back Frank Gore has not officially retired, he’s looking into a post-football career in boxing.

Gore told Ian Rapoport of that boxing training is going well enough that he might be in the ring soon.

“I’ve been training for both — football and boxing,” Gore said. “I’ve always loved boxing, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And we’re trying to make a fight happen. If we do that, you’ll see me in the ring.”

Gore, who played for the Jets last year, is still open to a return to the NFL. But he said boxing has been a good challenge for him.

“I just fell in love with how hard it is,” Gore said. “I felt like ‘Man, I couldn’t fight.’ And I always like a challenge. So I kept doing it and doing it and I saw myself getting better and better.”

Boxing has recently seen a boom in fights involving retired athletes, celebrities and former fighters looking for another payday. Those fights don’t exactly make for great displays of boxing, but they have made some people some money. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Gore put on the gloves some day soon.